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 ADRIJOROUTES – Promoting sustainable solutions for maritime cultural tourism

Programme Priority: Culture and tourism for sustainable development
S.O. 4.1 - Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation
Duration: 30 months
Start date: 01/2/2024 End date: 31/07/2026

The project is led by Central Adriatic Ports Authority and other partners are North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (Ports of Venice and Chioggia), Port of Ravenna Authority, Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Intermodal Transport Cluster, Dubrovnik Port Authority, Port of Zadar Authority, Public institution RERA SD for coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia county.
Overall project budget is EUR 2,662,685.40 (EUR 2,130,148.32 ERDF) 

ADRIJOROUTES (Promoting sustainable solutions for maritime cultural tourism) is a project funded by the Interreg Italy – Croatia cross-border cooperation Programme (2021-2027), focusing on the need to mitigate the environmental and social impacts of mass touristic flows in the programme area and to reduce the overwhelming dependence of the main Adriatic touristic destinations on massive coastal tourism, that put at risk the social and economic resilience of local communities.
ADRIJOROUTES overall objective is to boost the sustainability, social inclusiveness and digitalization of the touristic sector of the Adriatic area, by promoting sustainable touristic experiences based on cultural assets of at least 8 Adriatic ports. 

The co-developed ADRIJOROUTES should be sustainable and innovative, creating cultural offers and experiences in Adriatic ports promoting Adriatic heritage as drivers for innovative and inclusive touristic ecosystems as well as social integration of ports with local communities. 
ADRIJOROUTES engages cultural and touristic actors of the programme area and beyond in the valorization of ports cultural assets as gateway for green and digital cultural destinations consistent with the social wellbeing of local communities.
The involved ports are Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Trieste, Venice, Ravenna, Ancona.
 ADRIJOROUTES project focuses on three main sets of measures to achieve its objectives:
–  The co-definition of a cross-border strategy and action plan
–  The 7 co-developed ADRIJOUROUTES, composed of different experiences, physical and digital, of the involved ports and territories
–  Creation of the Cross Border living museum