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The Dubrovnik Port Authority is founded to govern, construct and use the Port of Dubrovnik - Gruž, opened for international public transport, and proclaimed for its size and importance a port of special international and economic interest for the Republic of Croatia.
It was founded by the Croatian Government.
The Port Authority manages affairs defined by the Law:
- it cares for construction, maintenance, managing, protection and improvement of maritime domain represented by the area of the port,
- it constructs and maintains port sub-construction, financed from the budget of the founder of the Port Authority,
- it performs skilled surveillance over the construction, maintenance, managing and protection of the port area (port constructions and sub-constructions),
- it ensures the permanent and smooth-running of maritime traffic, technical and technological unity and safe navigation,
- it provides services of general interest or services for which there is no economic interest for other firms,
- it coordinates and supervises concessionaires performing their activities inside the port area,
- it brings decisions concerning the foundation and management of the free port zone in the port area according to the regulations which define free zones,
- it performs other affairs defined by the law.
- The Dubrovnik Port Authority gives concessions for port activities based on valid technical and technological conditions, after the public tendering.
The bodies of the Port Authority are the Administrative Council and the Director.

Basic port activities are:

- loading, unloading, transhipment, storage, sorting and refinement of goods,
- mooring and unmooring of ships,
- cleaning of the port area,
- embarkation and debarkation of passengers and vehicles,
- other port services offered by means of giving a concession, such as providing water, energy and phone services, passenger and ship services, port machinery servicing, agency and shipping agency services, quality and quantity control and other services