Dubrovnik Port Authority installs air quality monitoring system

The Dubrovnik Port Authority has taken a huge step in order to monitor the quality of the environment and the air of the busiest cruise ship ports in Croatia.

Given the ever more frequent topics related to environmental protection, air pollution, the sea, the land and their causes, and just who and indeed what is "guilty” an air quality measuring station has been installed at the Port of Dubrovnik.

As part of the Inter-PASS Intermodal Interconnection between ports and airports, a project approved by the INTERREG ADRION program, an ECO measuring station was acquired for the purpose of monitoring air quality, relative humidity, atmospheric air, air temperature, nitrogen oxide and monoxide concentrations, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, UV index with display results on the screen and atmospheric conditions in the Port of Dubrovnik.

The device was set up at the beginning of 2019 in the Dubrovnik Port Authority, in co-operation with Croatia Telecom d.d., and the results are now visible. The total value of the project was 1.49 million Euro and is under the control of Hrvoje Kulušić, the assistant Director for Operations, Development and Maintenance.

Over the next few days, the data will be visible on the web site of the Dubrovnik Port Authority, which will allow visitors to see the current status indicators and to monitor the quality of air in the port.

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